Friday, October 1, 2010


The weather has been cooling and the tree in the front yard has begun dropping its yellowed leaves with greater intensity. September is over - I didn't make my number for the month - and its the first day of my favorite part of the year.

October thru December gives me more joy than any other time of year. I pulled the first pumpkin out of the garden yesterday and there is a bag full of apples in the kitchen giving off the sweetest possible aroma. If my fall-induced cold and sore throat would hurry up and go away, I might finally be able to make some apple pies and applesauce. We have so much going on for the next 12 weeks and I am eager to get it all started.

October starts with a wedding! Our friends Kyle and Rosie are tying the knot tomorrow afternoon. After the reception we're off to the first concert of the Symphony Orchestra and they are performing the Firebird Suite, which is an amazing piece of music. Sunday, Alex has a concert to play for that, although it isn't any great thing, will bring opportunities and new people to meet.

I might have an appointment next week with another doctor's office to introduce Aflac. I pray that it goes through. My luck hasn't been very good lately. All pre-conceived notions seem to be against me. I even had someone tell me that they have enough insurance and don't care if their employees have it or not. It was frustrating because I don't care how much insurance the owners of a business have - its my job to help their employees acquire it without costing their business anything.

After next week, I have an appointment with a physical therapy company with 2 offices, one in South Bend and one in Laporte. Then we have an awards banquet for the high performers in the state (which I am not one of) and a talent show (which I am a part of) and a fancy semi-formal banquet.

Our vacation was cancelled, but Alex has to go to St. Louis for a week for a convention, so I'm going to be a bit lonely at the end of the month. I think I'll fill the time with parties and friends. :)

I love November. I like the anticipation of the year winding down to a close and the start of the holiday season. I love squash soups and cinnamon flavored coffees and holidays that celebrate food and family. The snow starts falling and it's beautiful until January, and then I'm sick of it. The nights are cold and crisp and I have every good reason to turn on the fireplace and snuggle under fleecy blankets with Alex. And then December starts and its full of planning and cookies and goodies and Christmas. I'm so glad it's October 1st!

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