Monday, October 4, 2010

Anxiety and Insomnia

I'll keep this short because I firmly believe that no one cares about anyone's personal problems except their own. (LOL)

I haven't slept a decent night's sleep in about a month. I have a cold, which isn't helping and I suffer from some serious anxiety. Part of is is hormones, part of it is that I am simply a high-stress person.

I have tried herbal tea, which I blended myself and it helps except in extreme cases. I do yoga before bed and don't drink alcohol before it's time to go to bed. I read and try to calm my brain, but it still races in thought until I doze off and then I have insane dreams that wake me up again. I can't even take drugs, like NyQuil or Simply Sleep, because I still wake up two or three times thoughout the night, even while drugged.

Thoughts? Ideas? I'm looking for something new here. Something besides my husband whacking me over the head, which I'm pretty sure he wanted to do at 2 this morning when I woke up and started to cry inconsolably, and then became angry and restless.

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