Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yesterday's Thoughts Today

Four years ago on October 12 we had our first snow of the winter. This year it was 80 degrees outside and and my fall lettuces and broccolis are bolting to seed because of the heat. So much for preserving broccoli soup. But despite all that, I am thinking about the upcoming holidays. As I said a week ago, October brings my favorite time of year - all the best holidays.

I recently rediscovered the "Spirit of Christmas" books by Leisure Arts and now have determined that I need to collect them all again. (I managed to locate Nos. 1,4 and 10) My favorite thing about those books is the first few pages of Christmas trees that all have a special theme. Poor Alex thought I was going to try to make a Christmas tree with every single theme that I said I loved. He panicked for a moment, but I assured him that I plan on doing only one per year. :)

My most lasting favorite holiday theme is that of angels. Not just normal angels, or fairies with angelic aspirations, but big Christmas angels in flowing robes and golden halos, with lutes and trumpets and harps, bouquets of poinsettias, and everything trimmed in gold and silver and sparkles.

This is our 5th Christmas together as husband and wife, and our 2nd year in our own home. I have so many ideas for the holidays this year and I am thinking about theming everything around angels. Or teddy bears. Or teddy bears dressed as angels. No, not really. :) I have a lot of angels that I have collected over the years. It was a collection that most family members approved of. I have visions of big silver and gold ribbons entwined with pearl garlands and baskets of white sparkled florals. I can't wait for Thanksgiving so I'll be allowed to get the Christmas decor out of the attic. Alex says we're not allowed to be one of 'those houses'. (Meaning, the crazy people that decorate for Christmas before Halloween.)

I even started looking for the best Christmas cards.

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