Monday, October 11, 2010


I like to make lists. Some might even say I live and die by the lists I make. I have more long pads of notepaper with lines on them than any other kind of paper. I am a list-makin' maniac!

Some of the things I make lists for include:

All the chores I want to accomplish for the day
Grocery list!
Christmas cards
Recipes for the week's meals
Books to read in the future
What I will wear for the business week
Places to go for all the vacations we might get to take in the next five years
Favorite ice creams
Sewing patterns I want to try
Things to give Alex for birthdays and Christmas
Did I say grocery list? That's my favorite.
Things I want to study someday
Names I would consider for my children
Positive thoughts
Herbs that should be blended for teas.
Flowers that I like
Blessings from the day

I do that last one on rare occasions, but I think I should do it more often. Myself and another friend are fighting of the throes of depression on a pretty regular basis now, and I am constantly trying to remember that no matter what, God gives me blessings on a daily basis. For example I WOKE UP THIS MORNING! Not only did I wake up, I woke up early, and made coffee. That's my personal time and I am grateful that I get to do it and that I'm not confined to a home or hospital and that I actually own a coffeepot that works and that I can get coffee out of that tastes good! I'm healed and whole, and although I am not making any money from it right now, I DO (sorta) have a job. And I was given a very welcome opportunity last Sunday that I was given the opportunity to act on this afternoon.

Count your many blessings. Count them one by one.


Mrs B said...

really, christmas cards? i thought i was the only one silly enough to be working on christmas cards at the beginning of october... glad i'm not the only one!!

Buffy Sue said...

Mrs B, you two are not the only ones!
Lindsay, I by the way would love to try some of your specialty teas that you have blended!
I make lists all the time too, but seemed to get lost in the day to day things that the lists go to the way side.