Monday, October 11, 2010

What Do YOU Think??

I need some thoughts.

I want to post something every day. But I'm not sure what to post every day.

I generally stick to 3 topics - cooking, spirituality/faith, and bitching about my life. I'd like to get rid of that last one though. No one likes to read about someone's issues and I have a lot of them. And sometimes I review and recommend books, but not often.

If you read this, tell me what I say that strikes you as interesting.


kristyball said...

go people watching and post you thoughts on their perceived lives. Take a walk and write what your thoughts are...chose interesting places you have never been too. Take up a new hobby and write about the process. I love your cooking and gardening. Maybe your piano students...change the names!

Buffy Sue said...

I have the same issues!
But, I agree with kristyball too!

Cory, Beth, and Izabella said...

I think you should write about whatever YOU want to write about. It is your blog, so it doesn't matter if what you write is interesting to everyone who comes across your blog. So, if you want to write about what is frustrating you, I say go ahead and do it ;-)