Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Do You Do Really Well?

As I am struggling right now with my inability to focus on ONE task at a time, I took it upon myself to sit down and think very hard about what I truly do well. Oh there are lots of things I like to do, but nothing that comes to mind as something that I am great at.

Now I know some of you who know me are thinking, Lindsey, you are GREAT at the piano. That's because you've never been exposed to people who actually ARE great at music. I am average. I don't practice enough and I've been known to shy away from gigs because the people are too demanding or make me feel uncomfortable. I'm a pretty good teacher, but I'm kind of soft on my students because I'm too nice to yell or make a big deal out of mistakes. I'm afraid of hurting feelings and making people hate me.

I love to sew. I am not great at it. I get impatient and do all of my projects halfway. I like to start them, and invested a ton of money into starting a lot of different projects and finished a third of them. Not a good way to run a hand-made business.

I LOVE my garden. But it takes work, like all things. I go out and pull weeds for an hour, just the big ones. Then I get bored and do something else. Sometimes I get sidetracked for weeks and return and things are dying or already dead. Not a good way to be self-sufficient.

I am lousy at my insurance sales job. 'Nuff said about that.

I like to clean and care for my house. But when I get tired, I stop and let things pile up.

I'm GREAT at wasting time. Who isn't?

I'm a good writer. But I didn't spend enough time working on that in college and didn't see the value in it. Now I don't use it at all, and it's something I could be really good at.

I'm pretty good at doing what I'm told without a fight. I'm definitely a follower and not a leader.

Are there any good jobs out there for shy, introverted, easily-intimidated young women who willingly do as they're told?

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