Friday, July 23, 2010

Little Daydreams

Waking up
Cups of hot coffee with cream and sugar
The goodbye kiss from my husband
The morning stroll through the garden
Finding ripe little somethings to pick
The first phone call of the day
The first text message from my sister
The second cup of coffee, and the third
Who's doing what on Facebook?
Rain or sun or clouds today?
Planning lunch
Planning dinner
Planning errands
Sitting down to read
Thinking about running away to an island in the Indian Ocean
Thinking about how funny that would be
Wandering if my grandpa ever looks down on me from Heaven
And if he is proud of me
Asking God for strength
And Peace
And Prosperity through the odds
Another stroll through the garden to
Remind myself of sowing and reaping
Little seeds do not become mighty trees overnight.

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