Monday, July 19, 2010

Carrots and tomatoes, sittin' in a tree.....

Most of my knowledge comes from books. And my grandmothers. But mostly books that are recommended from Amazon or friends.

Has anybody ever tried companion planting? I haven't gotten into it too deeply yet, but it's actually kind of fascinating! It's just more proof to me that God gifted us with the ability to care and nurture His creation.

 Louise Riotte was a gardener who wrote 12 books  and several dozen articles on North American farming lore and gardening advice and ideas. According to her book Carrots Love Tomatoes companion planting is really the only way to achieve the space needed for successful planting and harvesting and truly great produce.

It works like this:


 For example, like the title of the book says, carrots and tomatoes get along with each other famously because they help one another to grow. Tomatoes repel carrot flies, and carrots provide essential nutrients to the roots of the tomato plants. Isn't that amazing? However tomatoes and potatoes inhibit each others' growth by absorbing too many necessary nutrients. Tomatoes also dislike cabbages and broccoli, but thrive well with onions.

This year I planted 20 onion sets between my tomatoes and my herb garden because onion repel bunnies and other little critters that might try to eat my harvest. Herbs are natural bug repellant. And tomatoes are just wonderful no matter what! :)

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