Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ah, the Theatre.....

Alex and I are currently rehearsing for what looks to be the best musical theatre gig of our marriage. RENT is opening at the South Bend Civic Theater this weekend!

Alex is playing guitar, and I am NOT playing the piano. I am playing the bass guitar, and also some keyboard stuff too, like trumpet sounds, tubular bells, gospel organ and sythesizer pad. It's so much fun. Despite the issues that are going on out on the stage, behind the scenes, the band is getting along really well, and I am so glad we signed on for this. We are working with some very talented and professional people in the orchestra. I don't know how they feel outside of the pit up on the stage about the actors. Ha!

It's MY first real theater gig, but Alex has been working with the Civic for ten years now. He's done shows ranging from Music Man to Oliver to High School Musical. Last year he did Grease, very guitar heavy, but the director edited the show to death, and so it received poor reviews. This year, to make up for the fact that they butchered a perfectly good show, the powers that be determined there would be no editing of Rent - not even the 'school editing' that was done for the film. It will be performed in all of it's raw, gritty, dark and emotional glory.

Some parts do bother me, I will admit it. It's a lot on my rather sensitive spirit because I feel very deeply towards people who makes choices to live a certain lifestyle, and the characters in the show chose to live on the street, do drugs, and live promiscuisly enough to contract AIDS. But since it's a show, I don't have as much of a connection as I have with the people playing those roles, and some of them ARE living that lifestyle.

My mom asked me the other night if the late nights at the theater and the dark content of the show was the cause of my emotional state of mind lately, and I admitted that some of it probably was. And we're just getting started! We haven't even opened the show yet! Long late nights have never been my cup of tea.

Well, I want my friends to come and see this show, especially if you are inclined to be bothered by 'R' rated materials, because I think it's important for Christians to realize how people DO live. Here in the Midwest we judge others in a terrible way because we don't see as much exposure to it as other parts of the country do. We have our homeless shelter, drug problems and lifestyle choices, but it isn't something that is broadcast out in the open. And pray about what you see, and if God is leading toward these people that HE LOVES as much as any person in a church on Sunday morning, ask Him what you can do to minister that love. Just because it's a stage show doesn't mean it doesn't represent the lives of real people.

And the music is pretty fabulous too. :)

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