Saturday, January 8, 2011

Title Misnomer....

View ImageThe Broadway Theatre League is performing Fiddler on the Roof!

It's a great show. But the Morris Performing Arts Center is describing it as America's FAVORITE FAMILY MUSICAL!!!!

I love this show. BUT -

I just can't believe that a poor Russian Jewish family in the pre-communist Soviet Union who goes through repeated tragedies, nightmares and obstinate daughters before being uprooted and forced out of their villages by the Soviet revolution is America's favorite 'family' musical. Oh yeah, Chava gets to marry the Gentile husband she fell in love with, but only after Tevyeh disowns her and they're forcibly dragged from their home by mercernaries. What a delightful thing to take the children to!

I am more inclined to lean towards The Sound of Music, or Oklahoma to be the more favored 'family' show.

But seriously, go and see the show. It's a classic and has great music. I am always pleased when I see it. Google Broadway Theatre League South Bend for ticket info!

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