Friday, January 21, 2011

A Proper Cup of Tea

Last night during a quick trip to the mall (to pay a credit card bill at Penney's), I was overjoyed to discover that our little mall here in Waky Town is getting a TEAVANA!

Teavana was brought to my attention 3 or 4 years ago during a trip to the Watertower Mall in Chicago. I loved it - I could smell the tea from 50 feet away. We went in, I ooh'ed and aah'ed over all the beautiful tea pots and cups and accessories. I breathed deeply of the herbal blends. I enjoyed several samples of teas I had never heard of. I was in heaven.

And we're getting one!

There are reasons for my love of tea, but they really come down to two very specific ones. International travel and gardening. You know that I am not one of those 'the world is SO much better than America!' types of people. (Quite the contrary, as I was in Zimbabwe during the black coups in 2000 and right now the people of that country are starving to death. I have seen countries fall apart personally.) But Americans, by and large, do not appreciate a proper cup of tea like the older regions of the world. During my international travels, one thing I came to count on was the presence of the tea houses along the road, where I could enter, recieve a hospitable smile and a hot cup of tea and meet new people.

When I started my garden, I started with herbs. Chamomile, lavender, tansy and mints - all vital ingredients for herbal tea blends! I love my teas.

Yes, I applied for work at Teavana! I might hate the mall, but I think this would be right up my alley! I applied to be a barista, although I could wind up just being a team member, being that my work experience is all in retail sales. (Why is it that the only work experience I have is the one thing I hate to do more than anything else in the world??)

I can't wait to find out when they open. I can't wait to get a call for an interview. Even if I only work two or three days per week, and continue to teach music lessons and work my Etsy shop, it will be a welcome adventure for my life.

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Meg said...

I just discovered it in Circle Center in Indy and I'm in love! I wish we were getting one. *Sigh of envy.* :D I hope you are able to score a job there.