Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nothing to Say

With all the stuff going on in the world right now I am really blessed to be able to say that Alex and I have relatively nothing going on in our lives. It sucks to still be unemployed, but I am managing. I'm a little stir-crazy, but part of that is simply because it's January and I've only left my house once since Sunday. I'm actually getting bored with knitting baby Chucks and I started drawing out some new patterns to work out.

I do have opinions on the current events of the day, but let's face it. For every word I say about the political landscape or foreign affairs, there are 100 other blogs saying the same things and 500 blogs saying the exact opposite. Why would I even want to lump myself into all that? I consider it a blessing that we get to live day to day in our house, drive our cars, and I get to cook what I want for myself and Alex, with relatively NO interference from anyone.

Alex and I talk a lot about where we would move to if we ever decided we wanted to get out of Dodge. Oklahoma, Texas, Washington and Virginia usually top the list. His reasoning usually revolves around the companies that he could transfer into with ease. My reasoning always revolves around what grows there and what kind of property we would have.

Last thing - Has anyone ever tried it and found it to be worth the subscription price? I've watched every possible History channel special on both History channels, and I'm running out of OnDemand shows to waste my time with. I refuse to watch MTV's atrocities against humanity. I have 2 books that were downloaded from a friend's computer - "Going Rogue" and "Arguing with Idiots" (Don't judge me. I'm allowed to listen to anything I want, and right now, I feel like listening to Palin and Beck.) and they do provide a welcome change from the television, which I tend not to actually watch, but listen to anyway.

And that being said, does anyone have any good adult fiction that they could recommend? (Please, please, for the love of God, if you say the Twilight saga, I will shut my blog down. I DID read it. I do NOT like it. I prefer GOOD writing as opposed to poor writing aimed at tweens.) I really love mysteries, always have, and sci-fi/fantasy. I also enjoy a good drama if it has adults who are dealing with 'real' problems, not 'who's going to take me to the prom and will they survive my teenage angst?'

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