Friday, January 28, 2011

Statistically Speaking

My favorite part about this blog is the 'Stats' tab. I think it's so cool to be able to see where my nonsense is being read from. Okay, yes, sometimes it makes me a little nervous to see that 40 people on the other side of the world are reading a certain posting because it makes me wonder what I said it that posting that's so damn interesting, but by and large, I love to see the different countries of the world light up in mint green to show me that there is one or two souls in France, Nepal, Australia, China and Brazil that thought something I put up was worth looking at for a few minutes. :)

Alex and I have been talking about where we would move to if things here in the US were to get really bad. We don't anticipate it anytime soon, but you know how conversations just kind of rise up while you're riding in the car or just before you turn off the lights? That was how this conversation started.

We decided the place we might like to live best would be New Zealand. His company has a large client there where he would likely be able to get a job fairly quickly. And the climate is excellent for mini-farming, which would put me in heaven. Our second choice would be Germany, which is where Alex was born. Again, because of the possibility of him getting a job with one of the 3 companies that his company provides research for. Not my favorite choice though, unless we were to live more south in that country. I'd like to be in a place where winters are a little more mild than they are here.

So if you are in New Zealand, or Germany, or somewhere that isn't the US, Hello! I know I don't usually say anything great, profound, enlightening or otherwise important, but knowing that you're out there does make my day.

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