Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

I'm just going to let today BE.

I have no deadlines, plans, arrangements or appointments to keep.

No one is expecting me to be anywhere.

The bank is NOT getting my house payment today. Or tomorrow. They might get it on Tuesday next. If they're lucky.

My husband is sleeping off half a bottle of Chimay Blue and 3 Killians, and a late night game of Creationary. I was not able to partake in the New Year's alcoholic intake, as I am heavily medicated right now with things that do not mix with alcohol.

I will crochet a new set of black and red trivets with skulls on them. Available at the Etsy shop later today, or possibly early tomorrow. After that, I will try some new designs.

I will roll the greenhouse out on to the patio for a couple hours to warm up the seed potatoes and the cabbage seed starts. It's 50 degrees outside and all the snow has melted. I will be so freaking happy if our winter stays mild this year. I like the snow for awhile, but I do suffer from seasonal depression, usually in February.

My year will consist of nothing more than seeking God. Oh, I will work, eek out a living and be a productive member of society, but I have no grandiose plans for this year. I will not strive to be successful, or change the world. I will, instead, grow my garden, play the piano, can more produce than ever, cut back on the monthly bills, go without luxuries, and deeply love my husband. I will not create rediculous expectations that cause disappointment and sadness.

I will read more books, write letters (yes write letters!!) and kindle old friendships into blazing fires that will be a comfort in the years to come. I will not debate anyone on their rediculous opinions, politics or religious beliefs, and will hope that they have the same respect for me and my rediculous opinions, politics and religious beliefs.

I will not waste hours at the computer on Facebook, BigFish Games or Etsy.

I probably will not watch any news this year if I can help it. And don't give me that eye-rolling expression and say something about making myself ignorant. This is America. I can choose not to give a flying you-know-what about our currant events if I want to.

I will take more pictures of beauty around me. I will hold more babies and comfort more children and spend more time with the elderly than in years past.

I will be grateful and content.

 I will be full of grace for those who probably don't deserve it - because I certainly don't deserve it.

I will find God in places that I never thought of before. I can't wait.

I will not base my self-worth on how 'happy' I might feel at any given moment of the day.

I will realize that 'happiness' and 'joy' are two very different things.

I will let 2011 be what it is going to be, and I will not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have it's own problems and difficulties.

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