Saturday, February 12, 2011

No longer completely useless...


I landed the job! I am now employed again and I am praying that this time I can handle this job.

I'm going to be a bank teller for our local 5/3 Bank branch. Part time, and it looks very promising that this one is going to work out well. And this time, I actually have an offer letter, and I have accepted it. It happened very fast - first contact call on Monday, hired by Friday. All pending on a background check, but seriously, I have nothing in my background. My background is as boring as a tree stump.

I am excited to begin, and I am even more anxious to remind myself that I am not useless. I allowed a lot of people to make me believe I was a failure - no one that I love of course - but people that I had to come in contact with. I do not have thick skin, and honestly, I don't want to ever bother growing thick skin. I believe my feelings are essential to who I am - I feel deeply and personally. Now that does create some drama, but it also helps me empathize.

I am not longer a failure! Woo hoo!

Of course, the piano lessons and the Etsy shop will continue. I will probably just do fewer promotions with the Etsy shop and I am not likely to take on too many new students. Wedding season is around the corner, so I am filling up the Saturdays!

If we can get the debts paid down, we might go on vacation this year. :)

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