Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Sigh About The Winter

I really do not like the winter. And right about this time every year, I start liking it even less. It's getting more difficult for me to wax philosophical about winter's virtues, because I am cold, depressed, exhausted and lonely.

There are aspects that I admire about the winter. It is a time when everything is white and clean - unless the plows just went by or the neighbor children have tromped all over your new fallen snow. (Just one hour! That's all I'm asking for! One hour to enjoy the beauty of the snow!) It's a time of rest and renewal for the earth, and a time to make plans for the coming Springtime. And it's a great time for the innately lazy, like me, because I can hibernate, which I have been happily doing for 2 months now, content with my hot drinks, warm blankets and toasty fireplace

Its a whopping 0 degrees Farenheit right now. Our furnace can't keep up with extremely cold temperatures, so it didn't come on last night. Our house was about 58 degrees inside this morning. More snow coming on Friday. The snow that has drifted over the garden is almost as deep as I am tall, as it now swallows the yardstick completely. I have grown tired of crocheting, although I still have 4 orders to fill.

I learned the some of the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska have Zone 7-8 temperate climates, like certain parts of Oregon and Washington State. (To put that in perspective, Northern Indiana is Zone 5. Their winters are much milder than ours.) So now I no longer have reservations about moving to Alaska. But I would still rather go to Virginia or Texas. :)

Well, the winter IS nearly over. I have been pouring over the seed catalogues and making the lists for the early spring crops. Back in December, we had a wonderful thaw that allowed me to get some cabbage seeds started in the garage and although they're to cold to sprout right now, when it starts getting warm again, they will be the first to poke their little green stems up. I will give February a little praise - it's a short month, followed by March, which is always a welcome month for this little 'farm' girl. :)

Cabbages, potatoes, broccoli and onions. The smell of the earth, resuming it's natural cycles of decaying and composting and then spreading and growing. I grow more anxious for the last frost and the first thaw every day. There will be plenty of water this spring - our snow has been record-breaking.

So don't think badly of me for putting out yet  another deep sigh regarding the season of Winter. Dear Winter, I know you are necessary and I appreciate what you do, even though right now I'm not showing it. When your sister, Spring, finally arrives, I will bid you adieu with the greatest of joy and thank you for refreshing my little patch of earth. But for now, I will sigh and long for warmer days, watch more television, listen to a few more audio books, and crochet the winter away patiently.

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