Friday, February 4, 2011

A Little Tiny Toilet

I'm waiting on the guy in the van from the city utilities company that is sitting in front of our house right now to get out of his van and knock on my front door.

The reason he is out there is because we got a call regarding the large increase in water usage in the last few months. Since we haven't increased the showers, the laundry or the overall water usage at all, it's been an expensive mystery that leads to well over $120/month in JUST water and wastewater billing.

I am so afraid that it's leaking pipes under our house in the crawlspace.


30 minutes later:

The verdict is A LEAKY TOILET. Whew! The one in our upstairs bathroom. All it's insides need to be replaced. The utilities guy turned it off and now we just need to get the stuff inside the tank replaced and our bill should decrease substantially.

Yeah, it's that same bathroom that I've been trying to remodel. Did I mention the shower doesn't work either?

I would really love to have one of those low-flow toilets.

Why is all the eco-friendly stuff so completely unaffordable??

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