Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No Regretsy

If you know me personally, you know that on and off, I have a little Etsy shop where I occasionally attempt to sell a few of my handmade odds and ends, and when Alex has had enough of my estate sale shopping and thrift store splurging, I also resell my vintage accessories and home decor.

Please visit. Mark me as a favorite. Recommend my stuff to others.

He's been on vacation this week and has thusly been forcing me to clean 'my room'. That's the spare room that functions as my sewing room, art studio and sometimes even my office. He has given strict instructions to me that I throw it away or give it away. That's how some friends got to go home with boxes full of scrapping supplies. That's also how I managed to sell 3 vintage purses on my Etsy shop in the last 24 hours. At $5 a piece, because they simply have to be out of the house. I believe I am getting the short end of the stick here.

So I have heard about 'Regretsy' before. Occasionally I also have moments when I am shopping on Etsy and I find a listing that makes me say WHAT THE F***? I say it just like that too - with the asterisks. Because I don't care for profanity. It makes my tender heart cry a little. Good Lord, I wish I had come up with this idea first! What a treasure trove of insanity! This stuff exists. And the people who make this stuff exist too and (gasp) might have reproduced already. God save us all.

Just go there.

I recommend the WTF Alchemy Request section. Mostly because the most devout of us will discover new people to pray for. You won't regret it. You won't, I promise. I am a woman of her word.

And in other news:

I was rejected for two more jobs. But I put in two more applications. Where it will lead, I can only pray, but every morning I wake up thanking God that we're alive, healthy and our house payment was made for this month.

I've been more creative lately after going through a drastic and wicked dry spell. I'm pretty sure my insurance job had something to do with it.

I've been practicing my tattoo art. If there are any ladies out there who are uncomfortable with the gents stabbing them with needles and putting ink into their open wounds and would prefer the gentle touch of a 5 foot tall redhead, call me in about 3 months. By then I should be apprenticed with Ron, the Master.

Hey guess what? I'll be baking up the Christmas goodies all weekend! Can't wait to get started.

Hanukkah starts tomorrow! 8 craaaaazy nights!

I love the holidays.

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Buffy Sue said...

I would be happy to donate some of my skin to your gentle, little hands! Just let me know when you are ready! I will be waiting.