Friday, December 10, 2010

And so the searching continues...

Dearest Friends,

I am at a loss.

I have known for years that I am a flaky, lazy, virtually unemployable, anti-social, right-brained artist.

I don't interact well with many people. I might have issues with authority. And I don't care how much money I have as long as the bills are paid and there is food in the pantry. I have a difficult time looking people in the eye. I am fearful of failure and easily intimidated and overshadowed by stronger personalities. I have a million things wrong with my head - ADD, OCD and probably 10 other mental acronyms. I can't stand being responsible for other people's problems.

I'm creative. I love to sew and crochet. I am a good writer. I studied the piano in college and play at a virtuoso's level. I love to cook. I love to plant seeds and watch them grow. I love the sunshine and the rain and the falling leaves. I am a dreamer and a poet.

Who in America pays money for people like me to work for them?????

I need a job. I don't want one though.

I've been happily caring for my home, making Christmas presents and cooking all sorts of goodies. I teach a few piano lessons per day and it is JUST FINE.

My husband has been trying to nag me to death in order to light a fire under my butt and get me to go out and get a job. I applied for a few, it's true, but none that I'm really interested in. Well, I'd love to be a librarian, but none of those interviews wanted to hire me. But I am sick of being a cashier, a retail manager, a waitress, etc. I have a college degree for crying out loud!

I think I scare the potential employers away. Maybe I should start lying. But that's against my religion.

This week I applied at the Tribune, the St. Joe County public library, Memorial Home Care, Family Bookstore, 3 banks and 2 department stores. I don't actually want to work any of those jobs - except for the library.

I actually do want to work at the new Tractor Supply Co. when it opens. I'm weird like that.

And clearly, I am having an off-the-wall ADD day. ;)

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kristyball said...

I worked at the lirary. I shelved books. I had to take a test first. The people are phenominal.
The pay is crap, and it's hard on your feet and back.
I spent way too much time oogling over the children's books. Unfortunately, libraries are going by the way side. So are books. I hate that. To me there is no better place than a library or book store.
I wish you luck. What is your degree in?