Thursday, November 4, 2010

Take Life By The Horns!

After much deliberation with my husband last night, we decided that I was NOT going to give up on the position in the community development department at city hall that I am not being considered for.

I have a guy on the inside - my friend who formerly held the position I applied for. He actually told his boss, the director of the CD office, that human resources was not considering me, and she told him to have me email her and state my case and ask for an interview. It's good to have someone on the inside.

I just was not ready to let this one go.

There are several reasons for this: stability, benefits and retirement, accomplishment....

But the biggest reason is perhaps silly and sentimental.

My Grandma Betty wrote 6 books and numerous essays on the history of this city. She curated the Hannah Lindahl Children's Museum from 1973 until 1989. She was a friend of our former Mayor Bob B., and there is an official 'Betty Hans Day' and she holds a key to the city.

Every single member of my dad's family is a graduate of MHS.

Alex's grandmother also holds a key to the city and there is an official day in her name as well.

I have a hundred years of family history in this city. Alex has lived here since he was 2 and his dad grew up in this city.

I would love to call our families and announce that I am going to be working for our community. I can't wait to hear the pride in their voices when I tell them.

But first, I have to FIGHT for that job!

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