Thursday, September 15, 2011

Workin' My Booties Off!!'s so nice to be loved. :)

L.Peek Designs on Etsy has been closed for over a month. Just didn't feel like running the shop, and we went on a short vacation and I just didn't reopen it afterwards. But yesterday I got on Etsy to look for something and I realized that I was missed! I had 3 messages from 3 different customers requesting that I reopen the shop because they wanted to order! It was pretty exciting, and I now have 3 new orders to fill. I was happy.

So there are some updates of sorts.

The shop will be open on and off. I will take orders, shut the shop down, fill the orders and then reopen.

I might have a full-time job as soon as October 1st. That will affect my ability to fill orders as well, which is why I make them to order now.

I SWEAR I am working on new designs. I have been trying and trying to get them finished and listed, but seriously, between work, piano lessons, the garden and the orders for the baby Chucks, it's been challenging at best to get anything finished and posted! I have been dying to get a few new designs up, including some hooded scarves, shrug sweaters and crocheted creatures. It's just not going as quickly as I would like it to.

Fall seems to have arrived! And time marches on....

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