Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not Really Looking

I have an interview for a full time position at a local credit union this morning.

I put in my application and resume kind of on a whim. I did not have high hopes or expectations. I wasn't frantically checking my email 3 times a day waiting to hear back from them. But after two weeks, they called and said they wanted to interview me. I agreed, because what harm could it do to interview?

It is a full time position, which I have never worked in my life. Now, there have been times where I have worked 3 part time jobs at once, but never one full-timer. That would be a new and interesting experience for me. It would also speed up our hopes for a great vacation next year and our application process for becoming foster parents.

And my interviewer's name is also Lindsey, spelled with an 'e' - the right way. :)

So send positive thoughts and prayers my way today. I am a bit anxious. I am always a bit anxious though. This could be just another notch on the block, or it could be a game changer. Either way, I know that my Father never leaves me or forsakes me, and I am quite certain that He has a purpose for me in this.

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