Monday, July 25, 2011


I was just watching some congressman on the morning news. I think he was a congressman - I could be wrong. I'm so sick of these jokers that I kind of space out those details. Congressman (or senator maybe) Clyburn.

Anyway, every single question that the host asked him about the debt crises he turned around and said "But the Republicans are doing it too!" She asked him why Senator Harry Reid hasn't presented any changes to his plan, and his response was "Because John Boehner won't tax the rich!" And I'm sure on another channel somewhere, there was a Republican saying the same thing about a Democrat.

Okay, seriously Washington, please get over this.

Speaking as someone who made less than $5000 total last year, and someone who is in a household that makes less than $30,000 in a year, it might absolutely shock the politicians to know that I don't really care about entitlements. I do not take advantage of the 'benefits' that my job offers, although my husband and I do take advantage of his company health insurance plan. We have never applied for food stamps, although we could have when we were first married. We have never applied for unemployment, even though I could have last year. When we needed income, we tightened our belts, sold a bunch of stuff, and didn't buy anything extra. Is that really a hard concept or are we just weird?

I think we can probably leave the 'rich' alone. I don't really want their money. I didn't earn their money - I don't need it. I know a lot of folks might think they deserve someone else's money, but I'll stick with the income that I actually go to work to earn every day.

What I would LOVE to see though is our polticians being taxed. If they pass legislation that overspends, they should have to pay for it. Wouldn't that be something?

Whatever. Maybe I'm crazy.

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