Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Honest to God Truth

It's 9:44 pm on July 2nd.

After a morning on work, I came home happy. I wanted to mow grass, pull weeds and "stare at things", as Alex calls it.

But instead, Alex told me it was too hot to mow grass, or really even be outside, and didn't I have Baby Chucks to finish that were ordered over a week ago?

So I worked on them. But then Alex said, "Don't work on those right now, work on them tonight during the race. I want us to finish the shelves right now."

And so we went to the dining room, where he had started putting together a set of wire shelving for the pantry. We finished the project and I started to get the items that I had been shoving into wherever they would fit. I even found room to store the dehydrator and the big graniteware canning pot.

Alex left to take a rented DVD back to the store, and I sat down on the sofa and immediately fell asleep. When he got home, he said "Why are you napping? You shouldn't be napping in the middle of the day! There are things you should be doing!"

Then it thunderstormed.

And the cats started fighting with each other.

We had an argument over why he's been so bossy today.

And I am bored and listless and restless and grumpy and lonely.

So Alex ordered a pizza. My second pizza today, not that I cared, but it bothered him, and we argued about who has the healthier diet because obviously I shouldn't be eating pizza twice in one day. But my boss ordered pizza for us at the bank today because it was so slow and we were hungry.

I took a walk around the garden. Found things ripening. Raspberries turning pink and bright carrots getting longer and thicker. But the sky was getting more and more yellow and the clouds became menacing and the wind picked up. It doesn't stop the neighbors from shooting off their fireworks.

The lady behind us let out her dogs and I purposely walked around the front of the house when I saw her. I try to talk to her at least once a week, but all she ever does it complain about her health and their financial problems. I'm positive, but even I get depressed after a conversation with her. She gives me books though, which I love.

Annabel is 'lost' in the dining room. She is so funny sometimes. She will sit in the dark room and cry and squeak because she doesn't know where anyone else is. It makes me laugh and I call her name and it's as if she suddenly realizes she is home and the rest of the family is in the living room. Then she will come back to the living room and crawl all over me until I get annoyed and push her off.

Then Alex says to me, "Why don't you have a glass of wine? That will help you calm down a little."

He was right. And that's the honest to God truth.

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