Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Creative Inventory Q&A Part 2

The second question in the creative inventory challenge in the book 12 Secrets is one that I don't really like to answer. I'm not sure why because who doesn't like to talk about their talents and abilities? Me, I guess.

2. What natural talents do you have?

It's difficult for me to produce a 'natural' talent. I have them, to be sure. God gives beautiful talents and abilities to everyone who is willing to open their eyes to them. But I wasn't BORN knowing how to play the piano, or paint a mural, or crochet a dozen pairs of baby booties. Those talents were acquired through someone teaching me - patiently. (I'm difficult to teach. I'm left-handed, right-brained, and stubborn.) I think my natural talent comes in my ability to see the possible. I have an eye for color and for sorting and combining. You can see this talent in my home - my fireplace mantle is always changing because I will find things to display in different sizes, shapes, colors and textures. I have a knack for seeing potential in found objects. I always have a finished product in my head - but never in my hand. That makes me laugh, but is also kind of sad. When I worked at the fabric store, I would walk through the apparel department and pull out the different prints and textures and already have a finished dress in my head before I could even measure the yardage to see if there was enough available to make the dress.

Possibility and Potential.

Those are my natural talents.

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